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Sundust Cosmetics

Sundust Kids Bio Glitter Tattoo Kits

Sundust Kids Bio Glitter Tattoo Kits

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Looking for a sustainable way to get kids sparkling? Look no further than Sundust Kids Bio Glitter Tattoo Kits, proudly Australian made and owned.

Sundust bio glitters are good for kiddos and the environment! Made from sustainably sourced plant cellulose film, these glitter tattoos are plastic-free and chemical-free. Plus, they completely biodegrade in freshwater, making them an eco-friendly way to sparkle.

Here's why you'll love the Sundust Kids Bio Glitter: each kit includes four amazing bio glitter pots, a brush to apply the glitter, cosmetic glue to keep it all in place, and of course stencils for creative designs. That’s everything you need for eco-friendly glitter on the go! We designed our glitter tattoos just for kids so they can have fun without risking their health or planet - what more could you ask for? Get ready to sparkle like sunlight on the ocean with real, eco-friendly glitter from Sundust Kids Bio Glitter Tattoo Kits!


  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Bio glitter is made from sustainably sourced plant cellulose film and is biodegradable in freshwater
  • Australian made and owned
  • Plastics free, chemical free, biodegradable

What else you need to know

How to use

  • Pick out your self-adhesive stencil. Remove the backing so it's sticky, and place it where you'd like the tattoo.
  • Apply the body glue.
  • Let the glue dry until it's almost transparent, then remove the stencil.
  • Using a small brush, apply the glitter generously over where you placed the glue. It's easy to use a variety of colors, they blend nicely.
  • Use a big brush (like a blush brush) to remove the extra glitter. And what you are left with is an awesome sparkly glitter tattoo!


  • These glitter tattoos (and cosmetic glue) are designed to stay on for several days so they won't wash off in the water. But they are easily removed with any of the following products you are likely to have in the bathroom or kitchen cupboards:
  • rubbing alcohol (eg isopropyl)
  • an oil-based moisturiser (eg vitamin e cream)
  • or any other type of oil, eg jojoba, almond oil, even sunflower or olive oil
  • Gently rub the oil (or alcohol) over the design and it should begin to lift and dissolve immediately, no scrubbing is needed.

What's included 

  • 4 x bio glitter pots (red, blue, green & pink)
  • 1 x application brush
  • 1 x cosmetic glue bottle
  • 6 x sticker stencils
  • 1 x canvas storage bag


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