Collection: Bluestone Sunshields

Founded by licensed esthetician, Jen Podany, when she saw a need for a product that would provide privacy and sun protection for her patients who had undergone treatments leaving them extremely sensitive to sunlight. As a result of the company’s work with top doctors, cosmetic laser manufactures and skin care professionals, Bluestone is founded on the mission to provide the best and most fashionable protection against the elements. Bluestone Sunshields also has a unique fashionable standpoint which has gained much notoriety and attention of high-end fashion publications such as SHAPE Magazine, Women’s Health, New Beauty, Cosmopolitan Italy, and OK! Magazine. Designed and assembled in Los Angeles, California. 

Did You know? The meaning behind Bluestone Sunshields comes from Bluestone which is the the type of stone Stonehenge is made of the and the logo is inspired by the Stonehenge Sun Calendar, all which hold a special place and meaning.