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Did you notice that "PRE-ORDER" option on some of our products at Pail Rabbit? Well, Occasionally some of our high demand items will have that added option so you get first dibs!

Pre-Ordering helps us at Pail Rabbit to help you secure your item and get it out to you as hippity hoppity quick as humanly possible!

All our items marked with "PRE-ORDER", will have a estimated date for arrival listed in the item description, so you know exactly when you might get it.

But with all good things that comes from Pre-Ordering, there are some tiny teeny little strings attached to Pre-Ordering you must know.

While Pre-ordered items can be purchased now, they will only be shipped at the stated release date or shortly after. Please note carefully the details on item description for estimated times of pre-order items.

Please, Pretty Please, Pretty Pretty Please, Be very certain of your pre-order as WE DO NOT accept cancellations on any pre-orders that are placed.

If you purchase a pre-order item along with other item/s, your order will not be shipped out. Your order will be held until your pre-order item arrives. If you would like your items to be shipped out separately from your pre-ordered item, you will need to make two separate purchases.

So, if you see something you like, don't wait, Hop straight to it and Pre-Order now! After that, just relax while we do the work to get it to you lickety-split.
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