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Nookums Paci-Plushies® Buddies - Rosie Rhino


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Nookums Paci-Plushies® Buddies - Rosie Rhino
Nookums Paci-Plushies® Buddies - Rosie Rhino
Nookums Paci-Plushies® Buddies - Rosie Rhino

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Paci-Plushies make finding baby's pacifier a snap!

If you have a dummy loving baby you've probably been through the painful experience of frantically searching for your baby's dummy while your little love screams out in desperation for their lost soother. Search no more, there's a better way!

Eliminate the stress of searching for lost pacifiers with our universal pacifier holder. Paci-Plushies Pacifier Holders keep the pacifier close to baby and make it easier for babies to grasp onto and independently maneuver the pacifier. Paci-Plushies have a flexible Hug Ring™ that attaches to a variety of baby's favourite pacifiers including Mam, Avent, NUK and many more.

These huggable designs are sized for little hands and textured for touch and exploration. Choose from the Shakies Collection for the added feature of a soft rattle sound that stimulates and encourages self-play. When baby outgrows the pacifier, the Paci-Plushies animal becomes a familiar toy that helps to ease the transition.

All Paci-Plushies characters are machine washable and include a Nookums brand pacifier. They're BPA and Phthalate free.

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