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Sonny Angel

Sonny Angel in Wonderland Series 2020

Sonny Angel in Wonderland Series 2020

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Sonny Angel got lost in Wonderland!?

"Sonny Angel mini figure Sonny Angel in Wonderland" is released with the theme of the world-famous fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland"!

Attention is paid to the design that mixes the somewhat suspicious atmosphere of "Alice in Wonderland" and the cuteness of Sonny Angel.

These hand-painted head dress dolls are so unique that you can't even choose which one you get in the box, it's completely random and a surprise so you won't know which Sonny Angel you will get until you open the box! 

  • Includes 1 x randomly selected blind box mini figure.
  • There are 6 different figures + Secret figures to collect.
  • Each Angel measures approximately 7.5 cm high. 
  • Small parts on these dolls make them recommended for 3yrs+ (The head can twist and come loose)

Please note: Sonny Angels are sold in ‘blind boxes’. This means that you do not know which Angel you will receive from the chosen series, which is all part of the fun!

**Price is for single unit and unpacked box of 12 unit are also available upon request, contact us for more detail.


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