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Hevea Squeeze'n'splash Rubber Duck Bath Toy

Hevea Squeeze'n'splash Rubber Duck Bath Toy

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Time to make a SPLASH! liven up bath time with the Hevea Squeeze'n'splash Rubber Duck Bath Toy. This jolly little duck is safe, eco-friendly and oh-so-cute — perfect for introducing your little ones to a fun and sustainable bath time.

Made from upcycled natural rubber and coloured with a food contact-approved dye, this 100% plastic-free rubber duck is delightful in every way. Not only that, it’s also mould resistant! Just open the belly of the duck, dry it off after use, and seal it back up to avoid any funny business. Plus once you’re done, you can feel satisfied knowing you’re helping to reduce waste by giving new life to leftover material from the natural rubber production.

It may not be ready to fly south for winter like regular ducks do… but our Squeeze'n'splash Duck will always be ready to bring some joy and playtime fun into bathtime every day of the year!

Product Details:
  • The perfect bath time toy for kids of all ages - made from 100% natural rubber and biodegradable!
  • Non-toxic and safe for little ones to play with - large holes help the water to drain easily, preventing mould.
  • Soft, malleable body is easy for little hands to grasp and squeeze.
  • Natural plant pigment colours approved by the FDA
  • Patterns on the tails help to massage gums during bath time.

Material: 100% natural rubber

Dimensions: 10.5cm x 12cm x 11cm

Care & Safety Instructions: 

  • Do not rip toy apart
  • Hevea is made of 100% natural rubber, which can darken in colour as time goes by
  • Check daily or before use that the bathing toys are in good condition. This is done by pulling the various parts of the toy and checking that it is still in good condition. If there are splits or changes in the toy, it should be discarded
  • The bathing toys should be cleaned by hand or in a machine suitable for this, and shouldn’t be washed in a dishwasher
  • For a more natural approach to cleaning your bath toys, use vinegar. Mix four parts white vinegar to one part warm water. Submerge the toys completely or apply the solution to each toy with a sponge


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