FAQs about OMIE

OmieBox Essential Information

What is OmieBox made of?

OmieBox is made of ABS, PP, food grade silicon, and 18/8 304 grade stainless steel.

Is OmieBox BPA free?

Yes, OmieBox is BPA free and meets all FDA and CPSIA safety requirements. 

Where is OmieBox made?

OmieBox is responsibly made in China.

Is OmieBox Leakproof? 

  • Yes. OmieBox has three leak-proof compartments that can hold up to 1 teaspoon of liquid each. Wet foods (soup, yogurt, dressing) should go inside the thermos.
  • Sub-sections created by using the divider are not leak-proof. The divider just meant to separate the peas from the carrots.
  • If your OmieBox has this logo , the square compartment is not leak-proof
  • If your OmieBox has this logo , the square compartment is leak-proof

Is OmieBox microwave safe?

No, please do not place OmieBox in the microwave.

Is OmieBox dishwasher Safe?

Handwashing is best. The high heat & harsh detergents used in dishwashers can damage OmieBox. Gentle hand washing keeps your OmieBox in tip top shape!

What are the dimensions & volume of OmieBox?

If your OmieBox has this logo :

  • Width 6.6 inches, Length 6.8 inches, Depth 2.9 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs without thermos, 1.7 lbs with thermos
  • Thermos volume: 6.5 oz
  • Square compartment volume: 25 oz
  • Long compartment volume: 15 oz
  • Short compartment volume: 10 oz

If your OmieBox has this logo :

  • Width: 8.5 inches, Length 7.5 inches, Depth 3 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs without thermos, 1.7 lbs with thermos
  • Thermos volume: 8.5 oz
  • Square compartment volume: 21 oz
  • Long compartment volume: 16 oz
  • Short compartment volume: 10 oz

Assembly Instructions

How do I install the box lid seal?

If your OmieBox has this logo , watch this video

If your OmieBox has this logo : watch this video below.


 To keep your lid seal in good shape, we recommend removing it and storing it inside the long compartment when your OmieBox is not in use.

How do I install the thermos lid gasket?

If your OmieBox has this logo , watch this video.

If your OmieBox has this logo , the round, silicon gasket at the bottom of your thermos lid should be securely fastened around the recessed area at the bottom of your thermos lid.

How do I assemble the thermos?

If your OmieBox has this logo watch this video.

OmieBox Care Instructions

How should I clean OmieBox?

Hand wash with warm soapy water and let everything dry completely.

How should I clean the seals?

There are two silicon seals in your OmieBox. There is one large square seal that goes around the perimeter of the box. The other is a round O-ring that goes around your thermos lid. Both need to be removed daily for cleaning. Wash in warm soapy water and let dry completely. Without daily cleaning, silicon is highly prone to mould growth which is irreversible and requires the part to be completely replaced. No biggie, we all get busy and forget sometimes. Should mould grow, just come to our website to buy spare seals - we’ll keep plenty in stock for you.

OmieBox Troubleshooting

What if my thermos isn’t working?

If your thermos isn’t keeping food warm enough, try the following steps:

  • Before packing food, pour hot water into your thermos and let it sit for a few minutes without the lid. Preheating the thermos this way warms up the steel. Carefully empty the hot water before packing food.
  • Warm up your food as warm as you possibly can.
  • Double check that your thermos lid is closed properly. Also make sure the silicon O-ring gasket is installed on the lid.
  • Some foods just don’t stay warm for very long, for example quesadilla or most bread-based products. Water-based foods (eg soup, or anything with sauce) will have the best shot at staying warm longer.

 How can I repair a broken handle or latch? 

  • You'll need a rubber mallet and an extra set of pins. If your original pins are broken please contact us and we'll send you a set of warranty pins right away.
  • If your original pins are stuck inside the pin holes, take any long, thin tool with a sharp edge and place it directly over the pin. Then take your rubber mallet and, with slow, gentle taps, push the pin out the opposite end.
  • Once the pins have been removed, follow the instructions in the demo below to re-install your OmieBox handle.


Why is there a white mark on my lid?

You might notice a small white mark on your lid. Rest assured this isn't a manufacturing defect! It’s the location where our machine injects plastic into the mold to form the top lid. We purposefully put the injection hole in this location because it forms the flattest lids possible (and having a flat lid is the key ingredient to making OmieBox leakproof). This design causes a small white mark to appear on the lid after molding, as you can see in the photos here. 

 What if my OmieBox is leaking?

  • If your OmieBox is leaking, first re-install the lid seal or the O-ring gasket. 9 out of 10 times it’s because these two items are installed improperly. Follow the installation instructions and double check that the gasket is smooth and even. Kinks or waves can cause leaking.
  • After packing food, close the lid and latch it. Be sure to use the palms of your hands to push along the entire surface area of the lid. This helps to engage the seal.
  • Did you accidentally put it in the dishwasher? If you did, then this could explain why it’s leaking. The dishwasher’s high heat could cause warping, which is why your box is leaking.

Omiebox Purchase Information

I lost a piece of my OmieBox. Where can I buy spare parts?

We carry spare parts exclusively on our website. If you’re not sure what to get, please contact us at hello@pailrabit.com

Do you sell utensils for OmieBox?

Yes! You can purchase our popular utensil set with carrying case on our website