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Jack N' Jill Stage 2 Silicone Toothbrush (12-24 months)

Jack N' Jill

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Jack N' Jill Stage 2 Silicone Toothbrush (12-24 months)
Jack N' Jill Stage 2 Silicone Toothbrush (12-24 months)

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Made from 100% medical/food grade silicone, this has been designed for a simple and effective start towards good oral hygiene.

Easy to use, gentle on gums, non-toxic and BPA Free. Suitable for use with Jack N' Jill Natural Toothpaste. Convenient for travelling.
  • Soft Silicone Bristles
  • Gentle on tiny teeth and sensitive gums
  • 100% Medical/Food Grade Silicone
  • BPA & PVC Free
  • Safety Shield Included
  • Ideal for babies/children before side/rear teeth have come through
Tip: Always check your baby/child’s toothbrush and remove any loose bristles before each use. This is easy to do when rinsing/cleaning in preparation for use. Rinse thoroughly, especially the bristles. Safe to sterilise n boiling water. Store in a clean container.

Of course, only to be used by an adult on baby/children. This is not a pacifier or teething device. Not for chewing! Discard immediately if torn/damaged.
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