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Mary Meyer Putty Cream Unicorn – 10″

Mary Meyer

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Mary Meyer Putty Cream Unicorn – 10″

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Play Pretend with the Mary Meyer Putty Cream Unicorn

A unicorn is an essential part of your child's toy collection. Add a sophisticated touch to your child's imaginative play with the Mary Meyer Putty Cream Unicorn. This unicorn combines a charming design with modern shades of pink, gold and blush to create a toy that you'll be proud to display in your house. A glittery golden horn gives this unicorn a sense of fun and whimsy--after all, the design might appeal to adults, but it's still a children's toy.

The Mary Meyer Putty collection is known for its soft, luxurious fabrics, rich textures and etched fur with delicate layers. Despite the dainty appearance, you can place this toy in the washing machine when your child inevitably makes a mess. You could also display this Mary Meyer Putty Cream Unicorn in your child's room as part of the decor. This unicorn fits in just about anywhere, but it adds a charming touch to fairy tale- or fantasy-themed bedrooms. Neutral bedrooms also highlight the unicorn's simple palette and light bursts of colour.

Thanks to the intuitive design, this unicorn will accompany your child throughout various stages of their lives. Babies love to touch the soft fabric and play with the mane and tail. As your child gets older, they'll stimulate their senses with the different textures and sleep with the unicorn at night. Over time, they'll come up with fairy tale stories and make the unicorn part of their stuffed animal family. In adulthood, your child will remember their unicorn fondly and pass it on to their own children.


  • 10''
  • Machine washable, air dry
  • Soft materials and fabrics
  • Trendy colours
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