Kudo Banz Everyday Parenting Starter Kit | Hardcover Storybook


Parenting made easier. Let's face it there's no manual for Parenting... but that's why there's Kudo Banz!

Turn those NO's into YES's! Get those picky eaters to eat! Getting a kid's PJs on shouldn't require a glass of wine. All kids go through difficult phases, but there has to be a better way to enjoy the parenting journey, Introducing, Kudo Banz.

Kudo Banz works like a sticker chart, but it goes on your child’s wrist so it is always there when you need it. Kudo Banz teaches kids to listen without yelling so families can spend time more positively. It motivates kids through the use of positive reinforcement, which is the proven method that doctors and experts swear by.

Kudo Banz gets your little one excited about better listening and the easy-to-use app makes it magically come to life. Finally, a parenting tool that works, so that you can get back to the parenting moments that matter most.

Also add more Kudos! for more fun! Pirates or Princesses? Keep kids motivated with more of what they love.

Features & Benefits:

  • Make positive parenting easier with Kudo Banz, an award-winning, smart parenting toy for kids 3-10 yrs old.
  • Sticker charts are always stuck at home. Kudo Banz solves that problem - it’s on-the-go, easy-to-use, effective and connected with a magical app.
  • Kudo Banz is a kid’s wristband with collectable charms earned for good behaviour, and comes with an exciting hardcover storybook! Use for potty training, eating meals, manners, doing homework, chores., 
  • Perfect for busyl parents that need easy parenting solutions that work wherever they go with their kids!
  • Timely Recognition - Works as a reminder, right there on their wrist - Because Kudo Banz is on their wrist, it's always right there. The most effective way to reinforce good behaviour is to recognise it as soon as it occurs so kids can make the connection. 
  • Focus on the Positive - Positive reinforcement builds kids confidence and makes learning fun. Rather than focus on what they do wrong. Kudo Banz builds them up by focusing on what they do right!
  • Continual Awareness - Because it's right there on their wrist, Kudo Banz makes it easy for kids to remember their goals. Parents have FitBits and Post-it notes, kids have Kudo Banz!
  • When to use Kudo Banz - picky eaters, potty training, bedtime routines, cleaning up, tantrums, listening, ready for school, staying in bed at night, whining, siblings getting along and more.

How does it work?

  1. Read the included storybook to begin your Kudo Banz adventure.
  2. Award your child with a Kudo charm on their band for good behaviour.
  3. The third Kudo charm is magical, scan it with the free app to watch it come to life.
  4. Spin the customisable reward wheel and win a reward for good behaviour.

 What you get:

  • 1x Hardcover Storybook OR 1x e-Book Storybook
  • 6x Kudo charms
  • 2x Bands
  • 1x Kudo Banz app
  • 1x Carrying pouch


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