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Duski Night Light - Bunny


Regular price $59.00
Duski Night Light - Bunny
Duski Night Light - Bunny
Duski Night Light - Bunny
Duski Night Light - Bunny
Duski Night Light - Bunny
Duski Night Light - Bunny
Duski Night Light - Bunny
Duski Night Light - Bunny
Duski Night Light - Bunny
Duski Night Light - Bunny
Duski Night Light - Bunny

Keep bad dreams at bay with this adorable bunny night light!

This Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker Night Light is made from soft and squishy silicone, and includes an optional timer, dimmer, and features 9 colours and 8 levels of brightness, and your choice of music or sound to stream - White noise, meditation, stories, nature sounds or music.

  • Sleep – Automatically lowers the lamps brightness to low levels perfect for sleeping
  • Timer – The night light will turn off after 30 and 60 min

  • Rainbow – A gentle cycle through the colours of the rainbow

  • Side Lamp – Pure white light at the brightest level, perfect for reading to your little one.

  • Use remote to change colour, dim each colour, set rainbow mode (choose from 9 colours; red, green, blue, purple, yellow, light blue, orange, pink & white), set timer function, set Lamp function and enable sleep fade function, Bluetooth settings: next track, previous track, play/pause
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Portable and Rechargeable
  • Child safe - non-toxic
  • Washable soft silicone design
  • Low voltage no heat LED
  • Can be powered from any USB source, including multi‐port powered USB hubs
  • All-in-one packaging

Please note: One device will connect to one Duski Bluetooth speaker, not two simultaneously.

Once fully charged, you can stream endless playlists and the LED light will stay on for up to 10 hours.**

**Battery life will depend on which settings you use - we recommend streaming calming music, meditation or a story through the Bluetooth speaker for approx. 30 mins, while your child drifts off to sleep, then make sure you unpair and click "forget device" otherwise, the Bluetooth will continue to use the battery, even when music is not playing. Then using the light overnight on the red light. As red light is best for sleep. Using these setting you should get up to 10 hours of battery life.

What is included:

  • Your Duski design 
  • USB Cable
  • Remote control


    • 12cm H x 10cm W x 9cm L

    Important Note: Using Bluetooth will drastically affect the battery life of this product.

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