DMANGD Illi Baby Carrier Ver.2


Welcome to the world of DMANGD! We know parents are always on the search for the perfect baby carrier and we’ve just made your search a bit easier. Introducing the DMANGD Illi Baby Carrier, designed for newborns all the way up to 15kg weight range. It's incredibly light, small, and able to easily fit in any day-bag or backpack. Plus, it can be attached and detached with one hand – so you won’t have to worry about fiddling around with complicated buckles. Not to mention it’s able to be used with multiple postures, including hammock-style comfort for sleeping babies who won't wake up easily! What more could you ask for in a baby carrier?

The Illi carrier also comes complete with a soft fabric cover that gently envelops your little one like a cocoon, making sure they stay secure and cozy even when out and about. It's combined with shoulder buffering materials designed to comfortably absorb your baby's weight. So you can get back doing whatever it is you love most while knowing that their safety (and comfort!) is guaranteed. Ready for an adventure? Well, don't forget your trusty Illi Baby Carrier from DMANGD – your perfect sidekick in parenting!


  • Easily and comfortably carry your baby from newborn up to 15kg
  • Lightweight carrier for easy use and travel
  • Adjustable settings that allow you to fit the carrier to your body shape
  • Convenient one-handed buckles for effortless attachment/detachment
  • Soft hammock-like fabric and shoulder padding for extra comfort and support

 * Colours May Vary Between Illustration and Actual Colour 



  • 45% cotton, 55% linen blend


Taking care of your product is important to ensure its longevity and quality. Here are some tips to keep in mind when washing and caring for your product:

  • Hand wash it with a gentle detergent in cool water (30°C max)
  • Avoid twisting while washing
    Don't use fabric softener as it can harm the fabric
  • To prevent discoloration, dry the product flat and unfolded, in a shaded, airy area
  • Iron at 200~230°C with a thin cloth
  • Wash it alone the first time, as some colours may bleed
  • Do not tumble dry, as it may damage and shrink the product

And remember, please read the product information thoroughly before use. We cannot cover issues that arise from not following these precautions.


Hey there! Got some questions about our baby carrier? No problem, we've got answers!

First up, when can you start using it? From newborns up to 15kg (3 year olds) - so you'll get a lot of use out of it!

And what about different seasons? Don't worry, the material's not too thick or too thin, so you can use it all year round.

But what if the string doesn't feel tight enough? Don't fret - the string can feel different depending on how you use it. If you're facing in, it might feel looser, but you can tighten it up if you're facing out.

And how big can your baby be before they outgrow the carrier? Well, the waist belt length is 42 inches (107cm), but for comfort, we recommend a max of 40 inches (102cm). Other than that, one size fits all.

Last but not least, is there an easier way to do the back buckle? Not really, but don't worry, it takes some practice to get used to. We recommend trying it out without your baby first, and practicing in front of a mirror - place your arms on the back of your neck and work those magnet buckles. You'll be a pro in no time!


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